Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance in Canada (Applicant Guide)

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What is no medical life insurance?

No medical life insurance is a type of life insurance policy that doesn't require a medical examination to get approved. It offers a simplified application process, making it a decent option for those who want life insurance coverage without the hassle of medical tests or paperwork.

With no medical life insurance, even if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are concerned about the results of a medical exam affecting your eligibility, you can still secure life insurance protection for yourself and your loved ones. But because no medical life insurance typically costs much more than a traditional life insurance policy, it's not the best life insurance option for everyone.

So, who needs no medical life insurance?

Generally, you don't need to take a medical exam for insurance if you are in good health without pre-existing conditions or a family history of health conditions. But you can if you're willing to pay almost double premiums to avoid the medical questionnaire, medical tests or nurse visit. But in most cases, shoot for the best with regular life insurance and, if it doesn't work out, you always have other options.

While this is ultimately a personal decision, it's important to know exactly what no medical insurance means for your premiums and coverage. 

No medical vs. traditional life insurance policies: cost comparison

The industry average rate for an applicant with pre-existing conditions, for $500,000 in life insurance coverage for someone aged 40 starts at:

  • $42.75 per month for a woman
  • $56.70 per month for a man

Policies that don't require a medical exam often cost much more because the insurance companies won't know much about your health and the “risk” they're taking on.

Conversely, traditional underwritten policies (i.e. term or whole) can offer better coverage and lower costs. And you may not even need to do a medical exam. Let's compare no medical life insurance and term life insurance quotes:

no medical life insurance canada - cost comparison

See how much you could save by going with term life insurance. Get a quote in just a few clicks – your rate might surprise you!

Best no medical life insurance companies in Canada

Let's review the best life insurance companies with no medical options in Canada, along with tips for choosing the right insurance company and life insurance policy for you. Short on time? Watch this video summary of the best no medical life insurance in Canada.

Video summary: no medical life insurance Canada

Canada Protection Plan no medical life insurance

Canada Protection Plan (CPP) is the leading insurer for no medical life insurance in Canada.

They have a big variety of guaranteed acceptance and simplified issue products. But a no medical life insurance policy is much more expensive compared to a standard term life insurance policy. If you're looking for cheap life insurance policy without a medical exam, you may be disappointed. Here's a look at some no medical life insurance quotes: 

best no medical life insurance - canada protection plan rates

Canada Protection Plan's two main categories of no medical life insurance plans are as follows:

Term life insurance:

  1. Deferred Elite Term Life: Up to $350,000 in coverage. For people with serious health conditions.
  2. Simplified Elite Term Life: Up to $500,000 in coverage. For people with good health but with a high risk hobby or occupation.
  3. Express Elite Term Life: Up to $750,000 in coverage. For people in good health that need coverage within a day.
  4. Preferred Term Life: Up to $1,000,000 in coverage. For people in relatively good health.
  5. Preferred Elite Term Life: Up to $1,00,000 in coverage. For people in good health that don't need urgent coverage.

Permanent life insurance:

  1. Guaranteed Acceptance Life: Up to $50,000 in coverage. Anyone who applies will be approved.
  2. Deferred Life: Up to $75,000 in coverage. Accumulates cash value.
  3. Deferred Elite Life: Up to $350,000 in coverage. For those with less-serious health conditions.
  4. Simplified Elite Life: Up to $500,000 in coverage. For those in good health.

Pros and cons of Canada Protection Plan

PolicyMe Term Life Insurance

PolicyMe term life insurance policy is a good option for healthy people. It typically doesn't require you to take a medical exam or undergo extensive medical tests. Instead, it has minimal health questions, you'll fill out a 26-question application, which includes a medical questionnaire. You'll know instantly if you're approved, declined, or if the insurance company needs more information. This may involve providing a note from your doctor or undergoing a quick health exam.

Our term life insurance policies are also more affordable because they're risk-assessed and backed by insurance giant Canadian Premier. And our premiums are around 5-10 per cent cheaper than similar term life insurance policies on the market.

Pros and cons of PolicyMe Term Life Insurance

best no medical life insurance - start with a regular term policy

Humania Insurance Without Medical Exam

Humania, an insurance company from Quebec, offers Insurance Without Medical Exam. This product asks just six eligibility questions online and is issued immediately. It may be a good option if you're looking for urgent life insurance without medical questions or medical tests.

Pros and cons of Humania Insurance Without Medical Exam

Sun Life Guaranteed Life Insurance

Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance is a guaranteed acceptance life insurance product with coverage for your whole life, providing a death benefit to your loved ones in the event you pass away (can also be called guaranteed issue life insurance). While Sun Life is one of the biggest life insurance companies in Canada, this product is not their specialty.

Pros and cons of Sun Life Guaranteed No Medical Life Insurance

Cover Direct Life Insurance

Cover Direct Life Insurance is a life plan that renews every year. They ask about 12 health and lifestyle questions over the phone but there are no medical exams or blood tests.

Because Cover Direct's policies renew yearly, you can't lock in your premiums. The premiums start off cheap and get more expensive every year.

This is because Cover Direct is not fully underwritten (not risk-assessed); they take on more risk not knowing your full health profile, so they charge you higher insurance premiums. If you're looking for life insurance without a medical, there may be better options out there.

Pros and cons of Cover Direct Life Insurance

UV Insurance Simplified Issue Life Insurance

UV Insurance is a small insurance company based in Quebec that specializes in group coverage (life insurance you get through work). Their simplified issue policies are one of their relatively new life insurance products.

Pros and cons of UV Insurance Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Empire Life Guaranteed Life Protect

Empire Life is a century-old insurance company based in Quebec with a variety of life insurance products. As the name suggests, this policy is guaranteed acceptance life insurance (or guaranteed issue life insurance). Generally, their insurance premiums are not that competitive, so they may not be a good selection if you're looking for cheap life insurance without a medical exam or medical tests.

Pros and cons of Empire Life Guaranteed Life Protect

What companies offer the most life insurance coverage without a medical exam?

The maximum life insurance coverage you can get without a medical exam ranges from $1M-$2M, depending on your age. Most life insurance companies in Canada will put an age cap on the available coverage without a medical exam.

For example, PolicyMe's maximum possible death benefit without a medical exam is:

  1. Ages 18-50: $1,000,000
  2. Ages 51-60: $500,000

Here's a further breakdown of the insurance companies with the maximum coverage amount by age group:

Ages 18-40 ($2M in coverage):

Ages 41-50 ($2M in coverage):

  • IA Financial
  • Manulife
  • RBC

Ages 51-60 ($1M in coverage):

That's not to say that you're necessarily guaranteed to get that coverage amount. These are just the maximum possible death benefit amounts available without required medical exams.

Do you have to do a medical exam to get life insurance? 

Not every life insurance policy applicant needs to get a medical to get their policy approved.

If you apply for term life insurance through PolicyMe, you might have to undergo a medical exam. In your application, you’ll be asked a series of medical questions related to your history and lifestyle. 

Most will be approved without having a medical exam if they're: 

  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Of average health for their age and gender.
  • Between 30 to 50 years old and looking for a policy under $1M.
  • Between 50 to 60 years old and looking for a policy under $500,000.

While it's not guaranteed, you may very well get term life insurance with no medical exam.

Can I be denied a no medical life insurance policy? 

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies approve anyone regardless of their medical history. But there are other no medical life insurance policies that can deny applicants, like simplified issue life insurance.

Even if you're approved, sometimes no medical policies come with such heavily restricted coverage (lower death benefit amounts) and expensive insurance premiums that they don't make financial sense for you to take on. 

If you choose no medical, evaluate the insurance coverage, insurance premiums, and terms carefully to ensure it covers your family's life insurance needs.

What can disqualify me from no medical life insurance policies?

What disqualifies you from no medical life insurance differs from company to company. It can be as simple as not being a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

Before disqualification, they'll vet your application with some kind of medical review. A medical review is just a questionnaire instead of an exam or interview to get an idea of your medical history. Based on your responses, you can still get denied by no medical life insurance providers.

Key takeaways for getting the best no medical coverage in Canada

  • The best life insurance companies for no medical applicants are Canada Protection Plan, Humania and PolicyMe.
  • No medical can be referred to as guaranteed acceptance life insurance, accelerated issue life insurance or simplified issue life insurance.
  • These policies are suited for people that have been denied coverage before, have health issues or are senior in age.
  • No medical is much pricier than "traditional" underwritten policies, like term life insurance policy.

FAQ: Best life insurance without a medical exam Canada

How long does it take to be approved for no medical insurance in Canada?

The approval process for no medical insurance in Canada is designed to be pretty quick. Often, you can expect to get a decision (approved/denied) within a few days or weeks after submitting your application.

But the speed of approval will vary depending on factors like the insurance company you choose and the completeness of your application.

How does no medical life insurance work?

No medical life insurance works by letting applicants skip a medical exam, but they come at a much greater life insurance cost when comparing quotes to a traditional life insurance company.

While no medical life insurance might appeal to lots of people, it's best for those who don't qualify for a standard life insurance policy.

No medical life insurance is a good choice for Canadians who have:

  1. A chronic illness (e.g., heart disease, diabetes, or cancer)
  2. A family history of severe health issues
  3. Substance use problems
  4. A dangerous job or hobbies

No medical life insurance is used to:

  • Cover final expenses like funeral costs, which can cost thousands of dollars
  • Leave some financial support for your children or grandchildren
  • Cover any end-of-life medical expenses

When should I buy a no medical life insurance policy? 

The best time to get any type of life insurance is as soon as you can. As you age, your premiums will increase. The longer you wait to apply, the more expensive your policy will be. And if you have loved ones in your life who rely on your income, it's worth it.

No medical is also a good option for those needing coverage quickly or those that want to skip a medical exam because of health concerns. But if you're in good health and can qualify for a traditional life insurance policy, it may be more cost-effective in the long run. Ultimately, the decision of when to buy a no medical life insurance policy depends on your individual needs.

Should I get guaranteed issue life insurance or simplified issue life insurance coverage?

Choosing between a guaranteed issue life insurance policy and a simplified issue life insurance policy really depends on your particular situation.

A guaranteed issue life insurance policy doesn't ask health questions or need a medical exam, so it's great for folks with serious health issues. But keep in mind: this comes with higher premiums and less coverage because the insurer is taking on more risk. Simplified issue life insurance skips the medical exam but does ask a few basic health questions.

With simplified issue, you might get more coverage than with a guaranteed policy but these policies are both comparatively more expensive than a traditional term life insurance policy. Get a term life insurance quote first before going with a no medical option.

What kind of life insurance no medical questions are in the application? 

Life insurance policies that ask minimal or no medical questions will typically fall under the category of "guaranteed issue" or "simplified issue" policies. These policies are designed to provide coverage without your comprehensive health background.

In a guaranteed issue life insurance policy, you're usually not asked health-related questions and there's no medical exam or medical tests. This type of life insurance policy is often chosen by individuals with serious health conditions. But it's worth noting that these policies usually have lower coverage limits and much higher insurance premiums due to the increased risk for the insurer.

On the other hand, simplified issue policies may ask a few basic health questions but don't require a medical exam. These policies often offer quicker approval times and might provide larger coverage amounts than guaranteed issue policies.

Next steps: ready to start looking for life insurance?

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