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In This Article

We pride ourselves on maintaining high editorial standards to provide you with reliable and well-researched advice. Our content is reviewed by our board of insurance experts, consisting of our team of licensed life insurance advisors based in Canada.

To make it easy for you to identify content that has been reviewed by our team of insurance experts, articles that have been reviewed will have an "peer reviewed by" byline at the top of the page. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you can trust the expertise behind our content. We're here to help you make informed decisions about your financial protection.

PolicyMe's team of insurance experts

Laura McKay

Co-founder and COO

Laura McKay is the co-founder and COO of PolicyMe, Canada's fastest-growing digital life insurance company. In 2021, she was named one of the Women of the Year by Bay Street Bull. Laura has a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. Her degree focused on Actuarial Science, which included learning about mortality risk, the basis of life insurance pricing and valuation. After her degree, she was employed by Manulife and Munich Re in Actuarial Science. Laura then worked at famed management consulting company Oliver Wyman in New York from 2013-2018. In this position, she worked with many Fortune 500 life insurance companies and helped them develop growth strategies and solve operational problems and regulatory issues.

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Erik Heidebrecht

Customer Success Manager, Licensed Insurance Advisor

Erik Heidebrecht is the customer service manager and licensed insurance advisor at PolicyMe. Erik has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wilfrid Laurier University with a minor in Financial Mathematics. Erik has broad exposure to the personal finance world after working at Fidelity Investments Canada as well being an advisor with Sunlife Financial, one of Canada's largest individual insurance providers. Erik is now focused on taking that experience to improve the customer journey and provide the best advice to Canadians looking for life insurance.

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Ivana Govedarica, RRC®

Licensed Life Insurance Advisor

Ivana Govedarica is an accomplished insurance expert with 15 years of experience in the financial space. Ivana currently helps PolicyMe customers get the best possible coverage to financially protect their families as Certified Life Insurance Advisor. Ivana also holds the prestigious RRC designation, from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning (Registered Retirement Consultant). When she’s off duty, you can find her traveling the world and spending time in nature!

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» Ivana Govedarica on Linkedin

Stephanie Roux, OTL, LLQP

Licensed Life Insurance Advisor

Stephanie Roux is a life insurance expert, using her know-how on the insurance industry to educate customers on their coverage needs as a Licensed Life Insurance Advisor at PolicyMe. She is certified and licensed by both the Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA). In her day-to-day, Stephanie works hands-on with Canadians to help quell their financial protection concerns. In her spare time, you can find Stephanie outside. Her favourite outdoor activities are hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking.

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FAQ: Other helpful resources for our readers

How does PolicyMe make money?

PolicyMe makes money by operating like any other insurer: we sell insurance products, namely term life insurance and critical illness insurance, which are underwritten by Canadian Premier. We've automated operations, which cuts out the middleman and reduces underwriting requirements (such as medical exams). As such we're able to pass along the savings to our thousands of customers across Canada, all while providing high quality coverage.

How can I contact PolicyMe?

You can contact PolicyMe by giving us a call +1 (866) 999-7457 from 9AM-5PM EST Monday to Friday. You can also contact PolicyMe by sending us an email at the following email addresses.

PolicyMe corporate headquarters are located at 60 Adelaide St E, Toronto, Ontario M5C 3E4, Canada. Please note that our customer service representatives are only available via call or email.

How can I request a correction or update to PolicyMe content?

We take pride in our commitment to providing accurate and relevant content for readers looking to learn about financial wellbeing in Canada. Our dedicated team of writers and editors regularly review and update our articles to ensure they reflect the latest news, reports, regulatory guidance, and industry studies.

We value transparency, so any errors in our articles are promptly corrected and clearly noted in a designated corrections section at the bottom of the page. In the rare event that certain content is removed, we ensure that links leading to it are updated to direct readers to other relevant pages or sections of our site.

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